Children’s Dentist in Caulfield

Hawthorn Road Family Dental Clinic offers comprehensive dental services for patients of all ages. Our kind and compassionate kid's dentists are experienced professionals who will ensure that your little ones receive the highest standard of care. For peace of mind, our dentists are also available in case of a dental emergency. 

children dentistry

Our kids dentistry process


Children from the age of three onwards benefit from a fixed monthly check-up to check gum health, ensure there are no cavities in their teeth and prevent the fear of dentists.

Our professional children's dentist will also educate parents on oral hygiene, cavity prevention, a care routine and treatments such as check-ups, cleaning and fissure-sealed procedures for their child.

We encourage children and their parents to follow a healthy diet low in sugar as this goes a long way towards having strong and healthy teeth. Our children's dentists also recommend that their teeth be fissure-sealed to prevent decay.

At Hawthorn Road Family Dental Clinic, we believe prevention is better than a cure.


Child Dental Benefits Schedule

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is a new program that provides eligible children and teenagers aged between 2 to 17 with up to $1000, for basic dental services. The program is capped over two consecutive calendar years.

Eligible families, teenagers and approved care organisations will receive a letter from the Australian Government to confirm eligibility. If your child is eligible, all you need to do is call our kids dentists on 03 9999 0485 to book an appointment.

You can find more information about the Child Dental Benefits Schedule at



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