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Tooth Extractions for St Kilda East, Malvern and Caulfield Patients

Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone. If a tooth hasn’t been broken off too much to be visible in the mouth, a simple extraction will do. This procedure needs only local anaesthetic along with anti-anxiety drugs depending on the patient.

We will need to establish what type of extraction is needed. Tooth extractions are usually categorised as either "simple" or "surgical". Simple procedures are done on visible teeth and surgical extractions are done on teeth that haven’t totally gone off or that have broken below the gums.

Once it has been pulled out, we can discuss what will be done to replace it. There are several options to replace missing teeth, with all of the advances in dentistry. All of these treatment methods can be tailored to meet your individual needs; care and attention will be given to each procedure at hand.

To find out more about these solutions, get in in touch with our professionals at our clinic near St Kilda East, Malvern and Caulfield. If you’re suffering from chronic tooth pain, please contact us immediately to obtain a booking and have the issue rectified.

Please call us today to set up an appointment at (03) 9533 0996. We are able to provide all tooth extraction patients from St Kilda East, Malvern, Caulfield and surrounds with exceptional care and services. Additionally, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have, or provide you with reliable information about tooth extractions.



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